Founded: 1162AD
Administrative Head: King Edward Gyldene II
Capital: Torden
Government: Federal Monarchy


Annexed by Arrkaya: 1203
Administrative Head: King Edward Gyldene II

Aptly named Thunder by the early Nordic settlers, the province of Torden is plagued by frequent, violent thunderstorms.

After being razed to the ground during a Heiligesian raid, the city was rebuilt to serve as the headquarter of Arrkayan army.


Administrative Head: Howard Gyldene, Duke of Solvahal

The largest city in the kingdom, and a cultural hub, Solvahal is named after the Silver Trees of the Nylands.

One of the original four provinces of Arrkaya, Solvahal is home to artists and performers from all of Nyvarda.


Annexed by Arrkaya: 1228
Administrative Head: Lord Oliver Arron

Through its fertile paddy fields and thriving port, Arroz is a major contributor to Arrkayan economy.

It also serves as the wartime headquarter of Arrkayan navy.


Annexed by Arrkaya: 1270
Province: West Bremestein
Administrative Head: Lord Solomon Ganz

Once known for its fertile land and diverse flora, Bleda has been left barren after decades of repeated wars and inept administration.

It was the conclusion of the Battle of Bleda that finally ended the Arrkaya-Heiligesia war.


Annexed by Arrkaya: 1262
Province: East Bremestein
Administrative Head: Lord Armel Klaus

The consequences of the unexpected Arrkayan victory in the Battle of Oldenburg broke the deadlock, crippling Heiligesian forces for the remainder of the war.

As a frontier post, Oldenburg holds great strategic value.


Province: Borghild
Administrative Head: Lord Casper Erling

One of the four original Arrkayan strongholds, the City of Ostra has never been penetrated by the enemy.

Being situated by a vast stretch of uninhabitable land along its eastern boundary, the outlying areas tend to face repeated acts of violence.


Province: Francoise
Administrative Head: Lord Frank III

Known to most as the City of Lights, Lumiere is inhabited largely by the descendants of Norman settlers.

The gigantic Walls of Lumiere stand over sixty feet tall, deterring any and all invaders.


Administrative Head: Lord Hector Cordovan

Due to its rich deposits of coal, Jerndal has become a major industrial centre.

Following recent breakthroughs in metallurgy, most weapons used throughout Arrkaya are now forged in Jerndal.

Dulce Lago

It is believed by many that the water of the legendary Sweet Lake of Nyvarda possesses magical healing properties.

The Lake holds special significance in several cultures, and it has been the location for all Heiligesian royal weddings.

The Treaty of Dulce Lago, circa 1278, led to a permanent ceasefire between Arrkaya and Heiligesia.


Made entirely of Silver Trees, thus named for their pale, glistening bark, the woods of Nylands are home to the Wanderers.

After realising the strategic importance of the forest, Arrkayan authorities took swift measures to minimise deforestation.


Founded: 1140AD
Administrative Head: Queen Ammelina
Capital: Staal
Government: Absolute Monarchy


Administrative Head: Queen Ammelina

The immaculately engineered City of Staal is a living testament of the Heiligesian spirit.

As the capital of Heiligesia, it is often considered the single most important city in the entire continent.

Mt. Schwarzenbaren

Governor: Marquis Bastian

Despite the treacherous heights and the eponymous black bears, the Cathedral of Schwarzenbaren remains a major pilgrimage centre.

It also serves as the prison for the most dangerous criminals in Heiligesia.


Governor: Count Yaegar III

Constructed along the banks of Halbmond See, Dresden has long been a popular tourist destination for affluent nobles.

It also serves as the winter residence for the Heiligesian Royalty.

Halbmond See

Fed by a distributary of the serpentine river Ophidius, Halbmond See gets its name from its unique shape.

The fact that its water is completely ordinary, despite having the same source as Dulce Lago, has prompted a popular proverb in Heiligere.


Founded: 1205AD
Administrative Head: Amma Gulizar
Capital: Karakaya
Government: Meritocracy


Nestled between four stark mountains of black stone, Karakaya is among the most inhospitable locations in Nyvarda.

The unforgiving terrain imbibes a great respect for skill and fortitude in the residents.

Led ably by a Supreme Leader and the Seven Head, the people of Karakaya have endured all difficulties and still stand strong.

Forest of Death

Also known to some as the Forest of Life, this fabled forest is too dense for even sunlight to enter untouched.

Supposedly inhabited by dangerous wild beasts and mythical beings, the forest spells doom to all humans who dare enter.

According to pagan beliefs, the Forest of Life protects the Cradle, the origins of all life, and only the chosen can enter it.

Igneler Mountains

Rising high and steep, the Igneler mountain range leaves the western end of Heiligesia completely inaccessible. All attempts to cross it have ended in disaster.

Many great bards have spun tales about what lies beyond the mountains, the most popular ones featuring giants.