penta Several ancient cultures have believed in a system of classical elements that explained various natural phenomena, and the relationships between them.

click All matter was believed to be composed of these elements, in varying proportions, thus determining its properties. While the elements themselves may have varies among cultures and eras, the basic concepts remain the same.

source site The Pelasgian Five Element System has been derived from the one prevalent in Ancient Greece, which was their land of origin...

The Five Elements


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Fire Fire symbolises energy and change.

rencontre pour sortir toulouse The most passionate of all elements, Fire types usually have strong, aggressive personalities.

In the workplace, these are considered highly ambitious and driven. Being a natural leader, they often find yourself in a position of power and they enjoy every minute of it.

where can i buy diflucan one They may be prone to taking things seriously, and flaring up when others do not do the same, earning the reputation of being a hot-head.

where can i buy cafergot suppositories However, their immense natural energy may cause them to implode if their fire is left untamed.



Water symbolises emotion and intuition.

The most adaptable of all elements, Water types are usually calm and quiet, but may be prone to mood swings.

These can be very intuitive, especially about the ones they care about.

People tend to love their company, and they are often considered a great listener. They have a healing aura that comforts everyone around them.

They also have a strong bond towards family, and are very devoted to them.

They have a certain code, and expect others to adhere to. And if they do not, they can be extremely frigid and unforgiving.



Earth symbolises stability and fertility.

The most solid of all elements, Earth types are firm and stable.

These are usually considered very honest, reliable and kind.

They are hard-working, but you are not overly competitive. They are content with a stable, prosperous existence.

Very grounded to reality, they remain uninterested in matters that do not concern them.

However, they do not tolerate injustice, and are always willing to stand by their comrades in their hour of need.



Air symbolises freedom and fluidity.

The most independent of all elements, Air types are often quiet and thoughtful, and may be described as pleasant and polite, but impersonal and aloof.

They do not easily get attached to people, and can seem to have several friends, very few of whom are extremely close to them

Solitude is sacred to them, and the peace and quiet that it provides divine.

They are generally very tolerant of others' beliefs and opinions, while staying completely unaffected.

To an onlooker, they appear very balanced. Any turbulence that may emerge within their minds does not last very long, nor affect you deeply.



Spirit is the vital element that grants life to all living beings.

The most balanced, and perhaps the rarest of all elements, the Spirit Element is also referred to as Aether or Life

They are considered to be completely in balance with the world around themselves, and are the epitome of wisdom and clarity.

Within them lie the attributes of all five elements, in complete harmony.

It can be postulated that all living beings are born in this state of harmony, but tend to lose the balance upon entering this world.