Nyvarda, the mysterious continent west of the old world, had been home to the many Pelasgian clans for several centuries, and despite their frequent and prolonged internal feuds, peace had prevailed in the area. Eventually, Aryan nomads arrived at the new land, seeking new adventures. However, as a hundred years passed, the disputes between the natives and the foreigners escalated into an outright war.

Over the next two centuries, numerous major wars were fought and numerous men and women lost their lives. From the shadow of these dark ages rose three kingdoms: Heiligesia, the kingdom of the erstwhile Heilig tribe, Arzi, the small territory of the native Pelasgian clans and Arrkaya, the home to a number of diverse cultures inhabiting the land.

After a decade or so of unprecedented peace and prosperity, an unknown enemy, with several powerful men dancing at his fingertips​, and an army of magical beasts under his command, threatens to lead a group of dissenters against the existent powers, and destroy the precarious balance achieved after centuries of war and bloodshed.

Today, Scar, the quiet, intelligent boy with fiery red hair and a large scar across his left cheek, deals with pain and loss, as he tries to establish himself in the Arrkayan Court after his father’s sudden demise. However, a sudden change of fortune leads him to discover a grave secret about himself and his bloodline.

Edward and Zeleina, the young progeny of the King of Arrkaya, strive to rise above their own insecurities and inadequacies, and help their father defend the kingdom from what could easily be the greatest danger it has ever had to face.

Byron takes his place as the Duke of Solvahal, in the absence of his father, and with the assistance of the beautiful Arzian ambassador Trisha, travels to Arzi, in an attempt to seek aid in the upcoming war, while facing several dreadful horrors and some pleasant surprises along their way.

Rafael, Prince of Heiligesia, finds himself surrounded by treacherous allies and trustworthy adversaries. On a mission in Arrkaya, he fights his attraction towards the Arrkayan Princess, as he tries to figure out his future in his own Kingdom, and the future relations between the two lands.

Dorian, a young recruit in the Arrkayan army, fights in his first battle, and overcomes his sorrow and dread to understand the true meaning of being a soldier.

Book One: Origins

The first instalment of the Arrkaya Series is now available for sale online and in major bookstores near you.

Book Two: Immortals

The upcoming instalment of the Arrkaya Series is expected to be released in the Spring of 2018.

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